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Get Increase Your Sell In Snapdeal E-Commerce Platform

Snapdeal Basic Plan

₹ 3947/- ₹ 4736/-
  • • Note: (Snapdeal Basic Product Listings & Optimization Only 50 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-10 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-50 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Growth Call Discussion-1 & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-100
  • • Images Enhancing-50

Get Increase Your Sell In Snapdeal E-Commerce Platform

Snapdeal Standard Plan

₹ 6524/- ₹ 7829/-
  • • Note: (Snapdeal Standard Product Listings & Optimization Only 100 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-15 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-100 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Growth Call Discussion-3 in week & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-200 & Organic marketing-50
  • • Social media Promotions & Images Enhancing-100
  • • Performance management

Get Increase Your Sell In Snapdeal E-Commerce Platform

Snapdeal Premium Plan

₹ 8855/- ₹ 10626/-
  • • Note: (Snapdeal Premium Product Listings & Optimization Only 150 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-25 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-300 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Unlimited Growth Call Discussion & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-300 & Organic marketing-100
  • • Social media Promotions & Images Enhancing-150
  • • Performance management & POA for suspension revork

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Snapdeal SPN Service

If you wish to benefit by becoming a seller on the Snapdeal platform, you need to register and then set up your online storefront. It is easy to register if you already have a running business but the tough part for most retailers is handling the online display of products. This is where DigiCommerce, the top Snapdeal Catalogue Service in India, comes to your aid and helps you set up shop as well as gain high traffic in a short time to boost revenues through the platform.

India’s largest online marketplace – Snapdeal. Selling on online marketplace is everyone’s dream but how? Here, at Bigfaction, we provide you full support in the form of services to sell products or goods on Snapdeal. We have a separate team of professionals to provide Snapdeal Marketplace Services who have expertise in Ecommerce. Our motive is to deliver impressive services to the client’s under an affordable price.

  • You should create an account and register your name on Snapdeal
  • Once the customer sees your product and wishes to make a purchase, you will receive a notification to ship the product
  • List your products on the Snapdeal marketplace.
  • You can deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment
  • Snapdeal will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting the fees for their services

1. Registration & Account Creation:

Firstly, our Ecommerce Marketplace experts complete your registration process and then create your free Seller Account on Snapdeal Marketplace. For Registration & Account Creation and selling products, you just have your GST number, PAN card and Current Bank Account Number.

2. Product Listing & Cataloging

Our Snapdeal Marketplace experts manage and control on your all product listing process. Our experts have many years of experience on Ecommerce sector. They know how to listing products with single and bulk and handle you’re all Catalog Management.

3. Snapdeal Boost Services

Cruzendigital provides Snapdeal boost services to their clients, which aid in increasing sales through account health management, listing, promotion, and so on. Cruzendigital serves as a third-party service provider to Snapdeal sellers, with the goal of simplifying online selling. You can use this service as a seller to manage key Seller Central operations through a service provider. Cruzendigital assists you in managing inventory price and quantity updates, new product listing, order confirmations, FBA shipment creations, and shipment label generation. We assist you in configuring built-in promotions as well as lightning deals. We assist you in increasing sales through sponsored products, FBA account creation, and new category expansion.

4. Product Description & Product Image

We have a separate team of content writers who have expertise only in creating content for Ecommerce industry that how should be create interesting Product Description. They know how to present product description to engage customers. Along with, complete resources to plan Product Image Shoot and a team of Photo Editors to fulfill all editing work.

5. Order Management & Shipping

With the help of right and effective product description and multiple product image helps to generate order of your products. After making an order, you will get the notification & the shipping agent pick and drop product to the customer. Snapdeal Plus facility hand over your all work of packaging & delivering the order to the customer.

6. Capturing and cataloging

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Zahid Khan

Cruzen Digital did a fantastic job of account backup. Thank you very much for your warm words of encouragement. Your service is fantastic. I constantly require assistance of this nature to advance my business. Once more, many thanks to Team Cruzen digital. Amazing business.

Juli Shah
Best Quality Service!

We hired Cruzendigital to help us for our digital marketing campaign. They were professional, talented, knowledgeable, and great to work with. They have always helped us find innovative ways of generating revenue and increasing our online traffic. I recommend them to everyone looking for a perfect Digital Marketing Partner!

Ravi Kumar
Perfect Service!

It's an amazing company. They were given a mission to create a website for our professional firm with a very tight timeline. They met and exceeded all of our expectations and in a couples of days we had a great website that has served us very well. I highly recommended Cruzen digital !!

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